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Chef Vikas Khanna showcases 'Mega kitchens'

Chef Vikas Khanna showcases 'Mega kitchens' 1_vikas-khanna-main-apr2013

Chef Vikas Khanna has become the face of a new show, which offers a look into mammoth kitchens of India where tons of food is prepared for thousands of people in a span of a day.

'India's Megakitchens' that premiers on National Geographic from June 22 features five of the country's biggest kitchens -- Dharmasthala in Karnataka, Shirdi in Maharashtra, Taj Sats in Delhi, the IRCTC main kitchen in Noida and Akshaya Patra in Hubli.

"It was a whole new experience to see the scale, processes and technology used and the large quantities of food that is prepared every day. It is difficult to get into these kitchens and know what goes on inside," Khanna told PTI.

The Michelin-starred chef, says "it is extremely difficult to get into these megakitchens and to know what goes on inside."

The show focuses on the scale, volume, technology and process of cooking in the mega kitchens and promises to take viewers on journeys that will give them a first-hand account of the emotion, stress and fun of the people behind all the pressure, precision and purpose of feeding the many thousands of people on a daily basis.

The Amritsar-born Khanna, who is also a restaurateur says despite mass produced foods and snacks becoming popular favourites in India fine dining continues to have its own loyal following.

"Each has its own purpose and appeals to completely different sets of people and each is a different experience altogether," says Khanna.

Commenting on the show, Swati Mohan, Business Head, NGC Networks says, "Megakitchens is an example of our continued commitment to the 'Mega Series.' We are proud to present a show that exemplifies 'Mega' in a never been seen before way, with a subject that connects with all- food."

The Akshaya Patra Foundation serves food to over 1.4 million school children from 10,661 schools in 24 locations across 10 states.

The TajSATS caters to 39 international and nine domestic airlines. Its Delhi unit makes over 22,000 meals daily.

At Shirdi, with 73 solar dishes it is one of the largest solar-powered kitchens in India. As the dishes rotate with the movement of the sun, they fuel the making of nearly 40,000 meals daily.

The Dharmasthalahis kitchen offers sustainable solutions like pressurised steam and biogas to reduce fuel consumption of wood, petrol or LPG.

Meanwhile Khanna, the chef who has been featured in Gordon Ramsey's 'Kitchen Nightmares', considers the master chef a great friend and mentor.

"Gordon's first job in the restaurant world was also in an Indian restaurant and his love for India and its cuisine is commendable. It was an honor to be part of 'Kitchen Nightmares' since that was also the stepping stone for TV for me," says Khanna.
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