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The World’s Largest Hotel Chains are Going Vegan Room-service

Taking a vacation just got way less stressful — at least, at mealtime. While seeking out food that’s both healthy and delicious at hotels and resorts that traditionally focus on comfort and indulgent animal foods can be a struggle, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, the world’s leading hotel management company for chains including Hilton and Courtyard by Marriott, says it’s stepping up its vegan game with a vegetarian and vegan culinary promotion for its more than 500 managed hotels across the globe.

“We recognized a shift in the growing demand of consumers craving healthier options and it is our job to cater to the desires of our guests and meeting attendees,” Interstate’s VP of Food & Beverage Operations, Bradley Moore said in a statement. “There is a clear need to offer plant-based menu items and we are thrilled about the quality, variety and benefits our hotels will be able to provide to travelers seeking healthy alternatives while on the road.”

The World's Largest Hotel Chains are Going Vegan

The hotel management company credits Millennials with driving the demand for plant-based dining options.

“More consumers today look to meat-alternative options for reasons supporting health and wellness, the environment, and animal welfare,” the group noted.

Interstate’s new menus, which launched on January 1st, feature 27 vegetarian or vegan menu items. While hotels have the option to customize their menus, some of the featured recipes include Corn Risotto, Eggplant Meatballs and Zucchini Noodles, Nashville Eggplant with Mac & Cheese and Wilted Kale, Pastrami Beets, Zucchini Squash Spaghetti with Spigarello Hazelnut Pesto, and Tuscan Avocado Toast.

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